CTULU - "Seelenspiegelsplitter" (12.08.2013)

Nocturnal Empire - 2013 - Germany

the German band CTULU recently published their already third longplayer which is called “Seelenspiegelsplitter“ via Nocturnal Empire.

It gets quick down to the nitty-gritty here! You initially think it is about a production which musically rekindles the spirit of the 90-ies you have to revise this impression at the second song “Amokkoma“ at the latest. Sophisticated Black Metal which doesn't spare of modern arrangements and singalong passages is now the topic. You can hear dark sound frameworks which are relaxed by variable riffs which can be once melodic then also again aggressive and hard. This alone makes “Seelenspiegelsplitter“ already to an unusual production. The forceful drum parts cater for the necesary hardness which only benefits the production. Also vocal wise CTULU have plenty to offer. Diversified, once with distinctive growls then also again with skilful inserted clean vocals this mix caters for variability and innovation. “Seelenspiegelsplitter“ got sowith no easy to consume cd. You have to listen the cd already repeatedly to be able to comprehend and assimilate all its facets. The lyrics are all written in German language which is an addiitonal advantage. Very dedicated and ambitious recorded you can't criticize anything productional. CTULU are successful here in setting off against the other dark mishmash. Buy “Seelenspiegelsplitter“! You won't be disappointed!!!!


Author: Battlepig
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