PURGATORY -"DEATHKVLT-Grand Ancient Arts" (26.08.2013)

War Anthem Records - 2013 - Germany

You actually need not to introduce the German band PURGATORY at all. Already since 1993 musically on the way they propagate their latest opus “Deathkvlt-Grand Ancient Arts“ via War Anthem Records to the hungry common people.

The gents also show here that they have nothing unlearnt over the years! Death Metal at its finest resounds off my loudspeakers. The songs are full of rage and hate and go straight and without excursions in other musical realms into the auditory canals. A rollercoaster of rapidity, darkness and ravenous energy which hits everything which puts them in the way. Old School Death Metal the way it should be. Traditional riffs which are nevertheless and strong-willed come upon an incredible drumming Partially you think that here plays no human, but a computer. But, PURGATORY doesn't fall here into thud thrashing. They rather vary speed and riffs in various ways. Thereof develop all in all nine songs which definitely go forwards and leave behind a lasting impression at the listener. The distinctive, pitch-black growls of vocalist Dreier round off the positive general impression.

PURGATORY take no prisoners and this is a good thing, too! You can't also beef productional. Professional and experienced recorded you notice very obvious that grown men were here at work. “Deathkvlt-Grand Ancient Arts“ showcases harsh and nevertheless variable enough not getting boring. For any Death Metal fan an absolutely must!!!!

Author: Battlepig
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