PROTECTOR '' Reanimated Homunculus '' (13.11.2013)

High Roller Records-2013-Germany

PROTECTOR are back! One of the old hands of the Thrash Metal have again released after two decades a complete new album! It is called “Reanimated Homunculus“ and is distributed via Pure Steel Promotions.
You can also hear here naturally Old School Thrash Metal through and through. Without edgily, straight into the listeners' face! Thereby the gents present a pretty high speed which is only minimal throttled by some variations. Despite of many years in the music business PROTECTOR doesn't become tired to uphold the spirit of the old Thrash Metal. And they do this excellent! The interaction of the rhythm fraction results in the base frame of the all in all ten songs. Forceful, with a sound portion of hardness provided riffs which sound anything but outdated literally thrill the listener. Supported by distinctive bass lines and a powerful, fast drumming originates here a fresh and neverheless familiar sound. There rotates the neck muscle from the first to the last minute! The snotty, dark vocals of vocalist Martin Missy supports the aggressive character of the production. Very experienced and dedicated recorded there is also productional nothing wrong with “Reanimated Homunculus“! A must-buy for all Thrash Metal fans!!!!


Author: BattlePig


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